2021: what if?

01 Jan 2021

2021: what if?

What if it’s healthy to be moved to tiers?

What if 2020 was the year when we were truly together?

What if we are selfish and selfless, scared and brave, hopeful and hopeless?

What if this rainbow of emotion is illuminating who we are, our very human condition?

What if our fear of corona has been matched only by our fear of being stuck with ourselves, full of paradox and passion, apathy and love, confusion and grief?

What if true freedom is not from EU, but freedom from me?

What if liberty lies in not being tied or untethered to any nation state?

What if freedom is an imagination state, well beyond the limiting and limited ideas of national identity? What if we are and never will be in isolation?

What if the one metre plus, rule of six, hands, face, space does not apply to our ancestors, who gather unmasked right now, to hold us close, to remind us that we matter, we are loved and worthy of love, and we will find a way to move forward with hope?


Happy new year dear friends. May all your aspirations for 2021 come to fruition. X