VP for Peace

19 May 2022

I am privileged to announce that I have been elected to serve as Vice President of the Mattie Stepanek Peace Foundation.

Dr Jeni Stepanek, aka Mama Peace and Mattie’s mom, says:

I am so excited that international peace ambassador, Mr. Simon Cohen, accepted the invitation to serve as Vice President for the Mattie Stepanek Peace Foundation. Simon has been a colleague and friend since 2008, when he began mentoring Global Teen Leaders through the Just Peace Summit – an annual event with a curriculum rooted in Mattie’s final book. Simon often talks about his growing understanding of the important matters of peace and purpose, and insights gained from Mattie’s messages and my own as Mama Peace. In honesty, I have also learned so much about unity and leadership from this creative and wise man. The mission of Mattie’s Foundation is timeless and universal: “Peace. Purpose. Play.” As we move forthward with Simon and other members of our new leadership team, I am confident that we will continue Mattie’s vision and work to “rebuild the mosaic of humanity” — for our world.

Mama Peace
Jeni Stepanek, PhD
President & Chief Peace Ambassador,
Mattie Stepanek Peace Foundation