Ep 1 - Lockdown: what if it's enough?

18 Apr 2020

Music: Together We Stand by scottholmesmusic.com


What if life in lockdown was humanity’s time to open up?

What if it’s okay to not be okay, and that resisting not being okay, yearning for things to be different, was the heart of our suffering?

What if we didn’t fight coronavirus, or battle against cancer, or wage war on terror or drugs or migrants? What if there was no enemy?

What if we used words that heal and leave us feeling whole, rather than words that diminish our condition?

What if when we hear ‘intensive care’ we are reminded to care for each other intensively?

What if, when we clap the NHS, we dignify ourselves as well as them?

What if we only truly honour their example when we model that courage in our own lives?

What if ‘stay at home’ was a memorable mantra to stay true to our most heartfelt values, to what matters most in our lives…stay home, stay true, stay home?

What if talking about ‘when life gets back to normal’ misses the point? What if all we have is now?

What if Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl was right, and that no-one can take from us the freedom to choose how we respond to our current circumstances, however hard they may be? What if we chose love?

What if this next inbreath…

and this next outbreath…

could be moments of peace?

What if daily exercise continued? 

What if two metres was plenty to give warmth and feel connection? 

What if, when you’re on a video call and you’re taking a sneak peek at yourself, you liked what you saw? What if you felt enough?

What if three of each item was always enough? What if I get three multipacks, is that cheating, or is it showing me just how hard this is, this lockdown dance between looking after myself and my loved ones and looking after you?

What if, right now, it’s okay to not know, it’s enough to just show up on that dance floor, to be open, to play, and give praise for the air in our lungs?

Episode 2 - The Test: what if it's positive?

The Test: what if it's positive?