Ep 2 - The Test: what if it's positive?

30 Apr 2020

Music: Warm In The Bright Sun / Abbey Road Masters


What if, while millions of people are struggling to get a test for Covid-19, we are all being tested for something else?

What if this is the test, The Big Test? What if this time in our lives will be remembered by each of us as a rite of passage, a coming of age for people of all ages…our time?

What if, to pass The Big Test, we question how we define success, and why we take tests in the first place?

What if some tests protect us, can save our lives, and the people we touch, while other tests immunise joy?

What if success was the huge sigh of relief for so many schoolchildren who, at least for this year, don’t have the pressure of exams? 

What if, instead of testing the contents of our children’s memories, we explored the contents of their characters?

What if we are always learning? What if we don’t need a test to dribble and talk, to giggle or walk, to read the world or be kind? What if we could learn more about life from looking up at the stars than down at our desks?

What if the whole point of money and work and sacrifice was so that, one day, we could all slow down? 

What if success in the Age of Corona was not 20,000 or any amount of deaths, but how 68 million people engaged with life?

What if we there was a home testing kit that measured how much of our lives we spent with the people we most love? What if we tested positively?

What if we stop searching for something else?

What if we are like the astronauts on Apollo 8, the first humans ever to leave orbit, who thought that they were shooting for the moon but discovered the Earth? What if coronavirus is today’s Earthrise moment? 

What if we all choose to be the child who cheers the darkness for gifting the stars?

What if success, the answer to the Big Test, is to hold on for our lives to the lessons of this time? 

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