Ep 6 - Choice: what if there are 3 types of people?

30 Jun 2020

Music: Epic Cinematic by Scott Holmes


What if there are three types of people – subtractors, adders and multipliers – which one are you?

What if the subtractors – the so-called friend, the online ranter, they leave you feeling depleted – they take your energy?

What if the adders, whenever you connect with them, you feel energised, hopeful – even in times of crisis, they are the ones who ask, ‘what if’?

What if the multipliers, they ask ‘what if,’ but they go a step further; their choices, their actions – not just their words – dare you to believe in yourself, breathe life into your dreams?

What if, in times of extraordinary change, as old ideas topple, prejudices are exposed, and our climate teeters, the world needs multipliers, it needs us to be our best selves – but how? 

What if optimism – hope that is grounded in honesty and action – is at the heart of being a multiplier? 

What if we remember Nelson Mandela’s wisdom, after 27 years in prison, said that ‘part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward’

What if Marc in Georgia, chose to keep moving forward, to use lockdown to shed his inner subtractor, and lose more than 3 stone?

What if Jeni in Virginia, chose this time to be an ambassador of peace, to speak out about the kindness of strangers, the good in us all? 

What if Marcus in Manchester chose not to feed the status quo of inequality, but to ask what if he could help put food on the plate for 1.3 million children? 

‘What ifs’ are not nice-to-haves but must haves – as our reality changes ever more rapidly so must our ability to conceive and adapt to new possibilities.

What if 2020 has taught us that anything is possible, but we must choose our path before it is laid out for us?

What if it’s time to let go of the subtractors in our lives and choose to be a multiplier, to inspire our children through our example, not to follow society’s path of possibility, but to follow our own dreams, and ask, time and again, what if?