Advisor for the Global Compassion Coalition

21 Oct 2022
Simon Cohen Global Compassion Coalition

I am delighted to be invited to serve on the Advisory Council for the Global Compassion Coalition – ‘a brand new massive effort to bring compassion to the heart of society across the world.’

In the words of COO Steven Hickman, the Global Compassion Coalition…

“These are VERY early days but there are a whole range of activities planned for the months and years ahead. I encourage you to check out our initial website and sign up to join the GCC and learn more as we build it out. Our overarching goal is to bring about a more compassionate society by helping shift the structures that lead to so much avoidable suffering in our world . Stay tuned for more but I hope you will consider joining us. The world needs us all to take this kind of action (and more).”

Thank you to Rick Hanson whose brainchild the coalition is, and to all of you for your support.

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