Teaching Open Leadership in Kenya, Brazil & India

25 Mar 2020

I love this shot, which Amani uses to promote their Kenya programme. Masai are famous for their leaping skills, but here this entrepreneur was delighted to discover an invisible see-saw which catapulted the Masai warrior into the air.

When I gave away Global Tolerance, through an Open Leadership Exercise, it’s fair to say I went through something of an existential crisis. So much of my identity was tied up in the organisation I had been running for more than a decade. What was left?

Then, I received a call from Roshan Paul, the Co-Founder of Amani Institute, which runs post-graduate programmes for budding and existing social entrepreneurs around the world. He asked me to join the Faculty and turn my experience in leadership and communication into a curriculum on Marketing and Open Leadership, which I could then deliver to their global delegates. At any point, this would be a humbling invitation, but in the midst of my post-give-away existential hole, it was a true blessing. The work, the campaigns, the methodology – Inspirational Marketing, Symbiotic Communications, the Sound of Silence, Tolerance for Jedi – all of it would live on, and be placed in the hands of some of the most exciting social change-makers on the planet.

I have run the Marketing and Open Leadership course for Amani Institute in Kenya, Brazil and India, and look forward to the prospect of contributing in some capacity again in 2021.