Working with the wisdom keeper, Isira

27 Mar 2020
Wisdom keeper, Isira

I met Isira on the top of a mountain (naturally) in Switzerland at the World Spirit Forum in 2005. Her presence had a profound effect on me, the likes of which I have never encountered since. Isira is a pre-eminent spiritual master, wisdom keeper and all round lovely human.

A little while ago, inspired by the example of my wife Kate, and our three magnificent daughters, I have been putting out aspirations to work more with the divine feminine. Days later, who should pop up from the ethereal plains? Isira. Her representatives got in touch with me – I had been in her consciousness apparently – and we are now working together.

I support Isira in her communications and helping to connect her with some of the other incredible people I have encountered on my journey. (Don’t tell her, but I’m also working towards a free trip to the ethereal plains).