Courage: what if we speak out?

11 Nov 2020

What if the legend that is Sir David Attenborough is spot on when he says…

‘I would certainly feel very guilty if I saw what the problems were and i decided to ignore 

them. If you find yourself in a situation where you have the ability to say certain important things… then you have a responsibility to bear witness.’ 

What if we see the problems caused by corona, the climate, migrant, mental health, cultural and other colossal crises; we’ve lost our jobs, been furloughed, and have nothing left to lose, and we will bear witness!

What if now is the time to be clear about who we are and what we believe in, to set ourselves apart in how we present ourselves, to set our hearts on fire with purpose, and fan those flames of passion in the people we care about?

What if we can actually do this?

What if life’s too short for more projections of perfection, and we stop waiting and do something about it?

What if our voice is waiting, whispering, wondering if we will have the courage to set it free?

What if we stay silent, even though we have a choice?

What if Martin Luther King had a dream, but never found his voice?

What if we let go of the critics, inside and out, who tell us that we’re not MLK, we’re not enough, making a difference never made a living, we’ll say something wrong, no-one will listen? 

What if there are now more than a million reasons to take this gift of life that we have and step into our power? What if we let go of ‘if only’ and other words of regret?

What if our words create worlds, and in this time of separation, now is the time to find words that bring us not further apart but closer together?

What if it’s time to lift lockdown on our values?

What if we listen in before we speak out?

What if we believe the people who believe in us? What if I believe in you?

What if we do all of this, not alone, but together?

What if we give ourselves the gift of time, a supportive community, sense of agency, purpose and meaning?

What if you join me on a journey to bear witness, to find your voice, and speak out?