I believe in speaking out

30 Nov 2021

During lockdown, I delivered a special course, Speak Out, with collaborators Sam Crosby and Gani Naylor, special guests including Nile Rodgers, for a community of professionals, artists and activists from 25 countries. We coached them to speak from the heart about who they are and what they believe in – culminating in a Revelator Pitch, a 60 second power-house piece of communications. Speak Out was a heart expanding course that transformed lives. As one participant says, ‘I believe in speaking out, because I have been silenced for too long.’

For more about Speak Out – the idea, the course, the belief – scroll down.


Courage: what if we speak out?

This was the promo video for the course Speak Out, which attracted participants from 25 countries. I believe in you.

Here is one of the Revelator Pitches from Speak Out participant Debbie Griffiths. 60 seconds from the heart with purpose, storytelling, and a clear call to action. That energy!