Coronavirus: what if?

06 Mar 2020
What if?

What if, among the panic and suffering, we could find wisdom?

What if coronavirus and climate change are cosmic clues in the great test of life, and how we might live if we are truly committed to saving our species?

What if satellite images of China’s cleaner air amid the coronavirus lockdown, were a prophetic picture of Earth’s regeneration rather than a symbol of lost productivity?

What if the closed schools, colleges and offices were an invitation to a new norm of learning and working and being, a way that embraces trust and technology, nurtures families, communities, sustaining staff morale and Mother Nature herself?

What if coronavirus and climate change are calling us to travel further inwards, and not outwards? What if mindfulness and flying along spiritual superhighways was the new luxury travel?

What if the failed new runways at Heathrow and Bristol were actually successes?

What if we journeyed instead to the neighbour next door, or to the strangers on our streets

What if hope is more contagious than fear?

What if everything is going to be okay?

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